Experienced Louisville Mediator and Arbitrator Helps You Resolve Legal Disputes
Resolving legal disputes in the courtroom can be messy and frustrating. Luckily, there is an easier way. Mediation and arbitration provide a path to resolution that offers a number of benefits.
Alternative dispute resolution methods including mediation and arbitration make resolving legal disputes easier. Those who are able to take their matter outside of the courtroom and resolve the issue in a civil and respectful manner report feeling better about the outcome and having the ability to move forward in the best way possible.
Using a Louisville Mediator and Arbitrator to Help You with Disputes Saves You Money and Time
Mediation and arbitration reduce the cost of resolving legal disputes and create a better environment for truly getting to the root of the problem and resolving it. Mediation puts disputing parties in control of the outcome of a dispute, so both parties are able to walk away from the matter satisfied with the outcome. As a matter of fact, mediation is not successful until both parties consider the outcome mutually beneficial.

In arbitration, the arbitrator serves as a third-party neutral and makes a final ruling, but there is a great deal more flexibility in what options can be considered. And at the outset of the process, both parties can have a say in who serves as mediator, which makes it possible to avoid potential bias in a ruling.

Alternative dispute resolution handled by a Louisville mediator and arbitrator is also confidential, which allows everyone to speak openly and freely about the issue. All possible outcomes can be explored and creative solutions that might not be a possibility in the courtroom can be considered in mediation and arbitration.

If you think using a form of alternative dispute resolution could help you resolve your legal issue, Ann O’Malley Shake can help.

Ann O’Malley Shake began her legal career in 1982 and focused on business and commercial real estate litigation matters. She was elected District Judge in 1989 and presided in every division of district court, including two years exclusively in Probate Court. Ann was appointed and then elected to Circuit Court in 1998 and served there for 12 years and went on to serve as Judge on the Kentucky Court of Appeals for the final 18 months of her judicial service.

During the course of her career as a judge, Ann presided over multiple personal injury, wrongful death, business, real estate, employment and contentious probate cases, among others.

As a Louisville mediator and arbitrator, Ann has a vast array of experience, including cases related to the workplace, personal injury, wrongful death, business, real estate and probate disputes. She enjoys being a part of the relief that parties and their lawyers experience when a difficult litigation matters are resolved to the mutual satisfaction of all sides. Her time as a mediator has included bringing many cases to settlement and helping parties avoid the expense and frustration of the courtroom.
For more information or to schedule a consultation with Ann to discuss how mediation or arbitration might help in your situation, contact her at 502-721-9900.
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