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How much does it cost to design a website?

Costs vary based on a few factors. Content writing, the addition or subtraction of certain retention tools, the number of pages needed, will there be interaction on the website such as shopping carts, purchasing or reservations and scheduling. Keep in mind, any designer that quotes you prior to getting to know your needs, cannot correctly quote your project.

To understand your needs, we ask several questions about your business and the nature of the site. We want to know how much interactivity you want or expect. What your graphic design tastes are, and how much ongoing support you need. From there we will be able to quote your website development.

Why should we choose to work with TOI?

There are several reasons you should choose to work with us over the competition. Though we offer affordable design prices, cost is not the only reason you should choose us. Here are five other reasons:

  1. We are professional, conscientious, and easy to work with.
  2. We focus on simplicity, so your message is clearly communicated and your site is easy to use.
  3. We are honest if we think something is not going to work in your design. We believe your website should function as a tool for getting you more customers.
  4. We have continuously succeeded with our SEO campaigns that make a difference in your bottom line.
  5. We understand that you, as the client, are in charge and we make sure your voice is heard throughout the process. Your site is a reflection of your brand and we make sure your message isn’t lost in the design.

I received a great quote on a site from company X. Can you match that price?

There are instances in which we are willing to work within your budget, but if you have been quoted an unreasonable price from another design company, chances are we are not willing to match it. And chances are that quote reflects the quality site you are going to get in the end.

Quotes that seem too good to be true and are significantly lower than the competition usually mean one thing, they are not providing written content, mobile responsive designs or properly coded title tag and meta descriptions. They will be poorly designed and functioning accordingly. In other words, you will get the most basic site possible, without custom graphic design, without any interactivity, and without any search engine optimization. In the long-run, it pays to invest more money in a compliant site that will be an asset to your business from day one.

Do I get a say in the design process?

Yes! We work closely with our clients every step of the way. We want to incorporate your ideas into your site. We realize most clients have ideas of what they want in a site, but they lack the technical knowledge to bring it to life. We take your ideas and work them into a functional, appealing site that works for your business. We value your opinions and we know that the best website design is a reflection of your brand. Our goal is for the end design of your site to be a collaboration of your ideas and our technical and creative know-how.

Do you provide anything other than design services?

We understand that operating a website is an ongoing task and we want to support you where possible for the long haul. We can help you with everything from page content to blogs to photography and video. We can even help you with marketing and social media if you want those things to be a part of your advertising campaign to drive traffic to your new site.

We use Facebook, but just as a profile. Should we convert to a Facebook page for our business?

It’s a great idea for businesses to have Facebook pages. You have two choices: Pages for Company, Organization, or Institution, or Local Business or Place.

You should choose the former if you are a business or organization that gets no in-person foot traffic or if you host events in different location. The latter is appropriate if you are targeting people to come to your business, such a restaurant, salon, gallery, or concert venue. This option gives you the ability to use Facebook’s Location feature, so people can check-in on Facebook when they visit your business and let their friends know they are there.

I want to use LinkedIn, I’m not sure if a Company Page, personal profile, or LinkedIn Group is the right option. What do you suggest?

It depends on your business and your ultimate goals. Profiles are like a resume that allows you to build a network of people with whom you have a personal or professional relationship. Company pages allow you to provide users with information about your business and industry. With profile pages you communicate as yourself and with company pages, you communicate as your business. Groups can be created by individuals or companies, and provides an opportunity for people to discuss a certain topic in one location. They can be public or private.

Should I respond to feedback on my social media pages? What if what the customer says is negative?

Businesses need to respond to all feedback on social media, positive or negative. As a matter of fact, this ability to respond is one of the greatest assets of social media. In the past, customers would tell a few of their friends about a negative or positive experience with a business and business owners would never know – let alone respond. Now, customers are sharing their opinions with millions of readers, but you, as the business owner, have an opportunity to also speak up. Thank customers for positive reviews and try to fix problems expressed in negative reviews.

I’m using more than one social media platform. Should I post the same thing to them each day?

Different social media sites attract different users and businesses should tailor their daily posts to those users. For instance, Instagram is more image driven, while Twitter is more text and link driven. You can post pictures and text on both, but users visit these sites for different reasons. There is a lot of research on how well different types of posts do on different social media platforms, but ultimately, you can decide for yourself what works best. Track how popular certain posts are on different sites and use that information to plan future posts.

How do I get people from one social media platform to follow me elsewhere?

This can be a huge challenge for businesses, especially when you are encouraging followers to begin use of a whole new platform. The best way to get them to follow you is to just ask. Let them know you post other content on other sites and if they enjoy your content on the current site enough, chances are they will follow you elsewhere. You can also market content that is exclusive to a specific site. For instance, let your Facebook and Twitter followers know they can see live video on Periscope before it is available anywhere else.

Our business name is changing. How do we make updates to our social media?

Each site allows you to update your information, but has different requirements and different procedures. For instance, if you have fewer than 200 people who have liked your page on Facebook, you can simply update your information in the Edit and Update Page sections. More than 200 likes and you will need to request an official business name change. If you have undergone a name change, make sure you are consistent about the change across all social media platforms you use, even if you need to invest a little time to complete the process.

I’m worried people will miss my posts on social media. Should I post more frequently so people know about my business?

Sometimes increasing your frequency of posting helps your visibility, but you do not want to overdo it. People will feel like they are being spammed by your business. In general, you want to post about 3 – 10 times per week on Facebook, 2 – 5 times per week on LinkedIn, and 3 – 10 times per week on Google+. There is no maximum for Twitter, but make sure you are posting at least once a day. Pinterest you can post up to 10 times per day without a problem. More important than the number of times you post is the consistency with which you post. You want your accounts to be active and interest readers with fresh content, even if you do not follow specific posting guidelines.


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